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Sensmetry, UAB

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Sensmetry provides consulting services and software tools for accelerating safe autonomous system development. The company was founded and run by a team of experienced researchers and engineers with the mission to bring mathematical rigor to the development and safety assurance of autonomous vehicle systems.

Sensmetry employs mathematical modeling techniques and large-scale data analytics to evaluate the perception, planning and control layers in the AV/ADAS stack, and quantify the safety of their behavior relative to the ODD, scenarios and system requirements. Sensmetry helps companies to transition from lax, convoluted safety definitions to formally expressed, modular system requirements which can be independently analyzed and measured using statistical methodologies and big data software technologies. Rigorous safety quantification brings transparency and trust to the public by providing unambiguous, interpretable safety arguments that producers and users can rely on.


SOTIF (safety of the intended functionality), Probabilistic Modular Safety Analysis, Safety Argumentation, Safety Quantification, ODD Quantification.

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03163 Vilnius