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Founded in 2007 and based in Holzkirchen and Pittsburgh, USA, 3D Mapping Solution GmbH is one of the leading experts in the fields of high-accuracy kinematic surveying of public roads, proving grounds, race tracks and rough road test tracks of any kind. In addition, the high-end kinematic engineering surveying of railway tunnels or subway networks are core competences. Besides, 3D Mapping Solutions measurement data is used as basis for 3D environment modeling purposes.
For data collection, special kinematic survey systems with cameras and laser scanners are used. Essential for the exact digitalization of the 360° corridor are high-end laser scanners, a fully georeferenced high-resolution multi-camera system and a high-end inertial system for complete compensation of vehicle movement. The unique quality and accuracy of any data is a USP for 3D Mapping Solutions and guaranteed by a rigid quality management.
Currently, the focus is on providing high-end reference maps as basis for user specific developments and for advanced ADAS or autonomous driving development, testing and validation applications. 3D Mapping high-precision road surface models are used as basis for high-end simulators or simulation applications for all kinds of possible purposes in the field of virtual testing and virtual development. Therefore, 3D Mapping Solutions builds the bridge between real world and the digital twin for testing and simulation applications. High-precision as built-plans are exported into appropriate formats including all objects, attributes and the complete, complex topological structure and thus may be used directly for customer applications. Examples are the use of high-fidelity maps as in-car reference for autonomous driving developments, simulation for vehicle dynamics development and driving simulation on digital twins of complete road networks.

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Ultra HD Maps
High-resolution identical digital twin of real-world roads based on high-resolution mapping data
3D Mapping Solutions specializes on the creation of high-precision reference maps of road networks, test areas and race tracks as well as proving grounds. The HD maps with a relative 3D accuracy < 1 cm are the basis for simulation, user-specific developments, for advanced ADAS functions development and test and validation applications for autonomous driving. Our maps show the entire topology and logic of the road network including the side area of the roads, including all objects and attributes, e.g. traffic signs and traffic lights etc. By creating a digital twin of the real world we build the bridge between reality and simulation.
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Digital road surface models
High-resolution road surface models for perfect vertical stimulation of the vehicle
3D Mapping Solutions provides digital road surface models with a relative height accuracy of better than 1mm. Typical regular grid size for the surface model is between 5x5 mm and 100x100 mm, depending on the application, but any other resolution is also possible. For special applications and short road sections, we even offer 1x1 mm regular grid size models. In the automotive sector, these models are an important basis for a wide range of development applications , especially in the areas of tire development, durability, noise analysis, vehicle dynamics and driving comfort simulation. Realistic scenarios, which are used in driving simulations and on driving simulators, can be derived from the combination of these high-end road surface models with photo-realistic 3D environments, which are bases on the high-resolution laser scanner data as well as the parallel acquired photogrammetric camera images.
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