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Autonomous Driving – Big Testing and Big Data as the Next Challenge of the Automotive Industry

ASAM International Conference 2017
Dec. 06/07, 2017 in Dresden, Germany

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving are escalating requirements for data acquisition, smarter systems integration both inside and outside the vehicle, information exchange between vehicles, and efficient validation of each system. This escalation impacts engineers' roles and responsibilities, development processes and testing methods. Because of these new technologies and processes, the vehicle manufacturers race each day to add new expert organizations and experienced individuals to their teams. New sensor types, placement of sensors, and ever increasing types and quantity of data are overwhelming: Vehicle manufactures have great needs for standardization with intelligent systems built into the vehicles produced.

The ASAM International Conference 2017 aims to provide an overview on the current trends towards the development and refinement of Autonomous Driving and emphasizes requirements of Big Data Analytics and Virtual Testing. Best practice examples will demonstrate how to unlock the potential and efficiency improvement of Big Data. Participants will discuss the benefits and challenges of virtual testing, including challenges of modeling environments and driver behavior, as well as implications on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving.

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About the ASAM International Conference

This is the 3rd time that ASAM is hosting the "ASAM International Conference", thus continuing a series of very successful conferences taking place on a biennial basis. The ASAM International Conference series focuses on the latest technologies and processes used in global development and validation of vehicles with specific emphasis placed upon process integration, functional validation, and quality. The goal of the conference series is to convene international industry experts to discuss current universal challenges, to examine solutions, and promote standardization in these areas.



Generals Assembly  Technical Seminar


Generals Assembly Technical Seminar

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