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ASAM e.V. was created with the goal of offering a platform for the development of universal standards. The worldwide membership base consists of OEMs, Tier One suppliers and tool suppliers, who serve as the connecting part between OEM and Tier One suppliers. Universities and individual members round up the composition of the ASAM membership. Within the ASAM organization, there are many different groups that keep ASAM continually evolving:

  • The members and the Membership Meeting are the heart of the ASAM organization and the highest decision-making body of ASAM e. V.
  • The Board of Directors regulates the interests of ASAM on the strategic level and is the highest escalation level in the business operations of ASAM.
  • The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is made up from elected representatives by the ASAM membership. This committee harmonizes the processes and standards between the individual project groups. Redundancies or developments moving in opposite directions are thereby avoided. Beyond that, the TSC is the escalation level for all problems at the project group level.
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  • The ASAM project groups develop and maintain the standards. This is where ASAM members working in industry can actively exert influence on  he development of the standards. With its project groups, which are recruited from member enterprises, ASAM is continuously listening to the market and acts promptly on arising topics. Because of the form of its organization, it is easy for ASAM to take up work on new topics. Cooperation and coordination with other consortia is the first order of business. (See current projects)
  • The central coordination role comes from the ASAM head office in Europe. Here the information is gathered and fed into the different committees. Apart from the financial and project management the "office" is responsible for member support and the marketing of ASAM and its standards.
  • The ASAM service partners fulfill the role of an independent third party insuring quality by certifying the products of the member enterprises which are based on ASAM standards. A reliable quality assurance process assures the user of compliance to the standards. With the further development of its certification program ASAM will offer an official quality seal to its members for the conformity of their products.

Many of the ASAM standards are mature today. However, there are constantly new activities to enhance already existing standards and to initiate new standards. Today, most of the ASAM standards are already implemented in a big variety of products. 

ASAM e.V. cooperates closely with other organizations, e.g. the MOST Cooperation (FIBEX4MOST) or CAN in automation (CIA). A spreading cooperation with ISO (International Standardization Organization) provides for long-term stability of ASAM basic standards and secures the investments of the vehicle manufacturers, the system suppliers and the application manufacturers.

ASAM International Conference


ASAM International Conference

AUTONOMOUS DRIVING - Big Testing and Big Data as the Next Challenge (06.-07. Dec. 2017, Dresden, Germany)
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ASAM Solutions Guide 2017


ASAM Solutions Guide 2017

A comprehensive guide to ASAM standards, solutions, members and ASAM compliant products.
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