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ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) is an incorporated association under German law. Our members are primarily international car manufacturers, suppliers and engineering service providers from the automotive industry.

ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards, which are developed by working groups composed of experts from our member companies. We pursue the vision that the tools of a development process chain can be freely interconnected and allow a seamless exchange of data. Our standards define protocols, data models, file formats and application programming interfaces (APIs) for the use in the development and testing of automotive electronic control units. A large amount of popular tools in the areas of simulation, measurement, calibration and test automation are compliant to ASAM standards. Compliance guarantees interoperability of tools from different vendors, allow data exchange without the need for converters, and facilitate the exchange of unambiguous specification between customers and suppliers.

ASAM - areas of activity

How do we determine if an ASAM standard is needed?

Typically OEMs and Tier One suppliers identify a lack of common understanding in a particular application area. From this, they will create requirements and a mission statement to launch a standardization effort. In fewer cases this demand may also be derived from suppliers if there is a platform to share experience, enabling the creation of common requirements apart from fixed customer relations based on proprietary implementations. Once requirements are available and there is a significant support from other OEMs or Tier One suppliers, a development process to define and implement a standard is invoked utilizing the ASAM communication and work platform.

How does an ASAM standard grow?

A workgroup will be established that will gather all interested ASAM member parties to work actively on the creation of the standard specification and validation under the umbrella of ASAM's guidelines, rules and project management.

How is my input considered?

Every person who is a personal or company member of ASAM can join any workgroup to actively participate within the standard definition and validation process. In some cases, members will, instead of actively participating in a workgroup, watch the specification process through the ASAM forum. This will also allow commenting on the current design process of the standard.

Generals Assembly  Technical Seminar


Generals Assembly Technical Seminar

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ASAM Solutions Guide 2015

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