Application Story


Integrating ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenCRG Data

Member:  3D Mapping Solutions GmbH

Featured Standard:  ASAM OpenDRIVE®, ASAM OpenCRG®


Challenge: For a client project, 3D Mapping Solutions required a full integration of OpenDrive and OpenCRG including complex inner-city junctions. 3D Mapping Solutions was the first to combine these two standards. Before its transfer to ASAM, the OpenDRIVE Specification was not fully elaborated to give detailed guidelines on how to apply this combination.

Solution: During the project, valid solutions for the assignment of positions in the axis definition of OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG were found, filling the interpretation gaps within the Specification

Key Benefits: The results of the project show that simulations based on OpenDRIVE can be enriched with extremely detailed descriptions of the road surface based on OpenCRG including intersections and roundabouts.
The experience from this project was incorporated into the process of transferring both standards to ASAM. Staff members of 3D Mapping Solutions have participated in both the ASAM OpenDRIVE and the ASAM OpenCRG working group and made sure to complement the first ASAM version of OpenDRIVE (V1.6.) by guidelines on how to combine data of ASAM OpenDRIVE with data from ASAM OpenCRG. 3D Mapping Solutions will continue to contribute to this important feature.

The ASAM initiative to take over the standards OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG as well as the ongoing OpenX Standard development activities enable 3D Mapping Solutions to provide HD Maps and Simulation solutions of outstanding quality, which can be used for multiple Simulation purposes of our customers in various Simulation software packages or simulator platforms.

Gunnar Gräfe, CEO 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH


The project area is an inner-city road network in Wolfsburg with multiple complex intersections.
Based on measurements from a mobile mapping system with high precision laser scanners and calibrated camera data, an OpenDRIVE Map combined with OpenCRG was created with all objects and a very detailed road surface description.


Success Strategy 

The high precision Measurement system is equipped with two high-resolution laser scanners, which can acquire the road surface as well as the environment with mm-accuracy. This has the advantage that the data base is the same for the creation of the OpenDRIVE HD Map as well as for the surface description of the road. 

The lane definitions, road borders and other OpenDRIVE objects as well as the road surface heights have all been derived from this homogenous data set. This is the basis for solving the mathematical dependencies between the different axis definitions. For each surface element represented in OpenCRG, several OpenDRIVE axes need to derive the height information. 

This solution enabled 3D Mapping Solutions to unambiguously integrate OpenCRG in an OpenDRIVE Map as early as in OpenDRIVE version 1.4. The experience gained in this project influenced the development of ASAM OpenDRIVE V1.6.


Challenges emerged from the complex axes in the junction areas in combination with the fact that the integration of OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG was not sufficiently described in the OpenDRIVE Specification at that time. A further challenge was the differing definition of the axes representation in OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG.


Business Benefits 

  • The project has proven, that data can be provided in high quality for both standards based on precise and homogenous data.
  • 3D Mapping Solutions was the first to support the combination of OpenCRG and OpenDRIVE for complex maps based on real world measurement data.
  • The experience of this project helped to improve the ASAM versions of the simulation standards OpenCRG and OpenDRIVE: It has contributed to a better understanding of the possibilities and benefits of a combined usage of OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG. Based on our example, more users will be capable of adopting OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG to meet the increasing simulation demand.



With increasing demand for testing and Simulation in virtual environments, this combined model of road description (OpenDRIVE) with detailed road surface description (OpenCRG) becomes more and more important because it enables certified Simulation of ADAS systems in virtual reality, based on high precision mapping data. 
The combined model of OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG is indispensable for all systems, which require road surface as well as the HD Map in a perfectly aligned combination. 
Furthermore, the ASAM OpenDRIVE Maintenance project plans to further develop and improve the ASAM OpenDRIVE Specification to make the combined use of OpenDRIVE and OpenCRG even more convenient.