Application Story


Accelerating Data-driven Testing and Validation with OpenX standards in China and Germany

Member:  LiangDao GmbH

Featured Standard:  ASAM OpenDRIVE®, ASAM OpenCRG®, ASAM OpenSCENARIO®


Challenge / Problem

LiangDao is providing regionally representative scenario data services for the cooperative development, testing and validation of ADAS/AD functionalities to automotive customers in China and Germany. Data interoperability and exchange are the key challenges.



LiangDao adapted its data acquisition and software toolchain to the ASAM simulation standards to provide a standard-based scenario database and efficient scenario search services.


Key benefits

ASAM simulation standards are valuable tools for innovative start-up companies supporting the digital transformation in the automotive sectors. Both the high recognition and the practical applicability of the standards are extremely beneficial.


We chose an ASAM based solution because it enables the growth of data driven business in the challenging time of digital transformation, especially in the automotive industry. Only with standards, we will succeed and accelerate the implementation of autonomous driving.

Dr. Yang Ji, CEO LiangDao GmbH, VP Beijing LiangDao Intelligence Automotive Technology

Application Story

Description of the Situation

The core business of LiangDao is data and software. We design and set up in-vehicle data acquisition systems with a focus on LiDAR sensors that collect real-world traffic scenarios data in different regions of Europe and China. Subsequently, these data will be processed by LiangDao’s perception algorithms. The resulting traffic object and scenario data will be stored in a central database and provided to LiangDao’s customers, such as Volkswagen Group and Great Wall Motors.


Initial situation / challenge(s) and problem(s) faced / motivation

To meet the requirements of scenario data for different customers, LiangDao must provide different data interfaces without a common standard. The challenge of data operability remains the bottleneck in LiangDao’s core business to deliver high quality data services to global customers. Therefore, we have started to transform both the data model and the data interface according to ASAM simulation standards such as ASAM OpenSCENARIO, ASAM OpenDRIVE and ASAM OpenCRG on the one hand. On the other hand, we support our customers in adopting the standards in their systems. A standard based scenario data strategy is beneficial for all data suppliers and accelerates the entire development process.



Success strategy / solution

The strategy for success is primarily a mind-set change process, which is to be initialized among OEMs and suppliers. In the age of digitalization, customer requirements change very quickly. The time for development, test and validation is limited and the technical challenges of autonomous driving become more complicated. There is no place for data business protectionism on a specific in-house data format. Together we will be successful on the market with customized innovative applications based on open data standards.


Challenges during the project


The biggest challenge in initiating this mind change is the definition of a suitable transformation strategy. There are different existing data formats. And not all traffic scenario data, for example meta data about the driving environment, can be completely sorted with the existing standards. For this reason, we look forward to working with other ASAM members to advance the further development of the OpenX standards. Thanks to the development system at ASAM, we believe that the newly emerging requirements will be implemented quickly in the upcoming standards.


Business Benefits


With the decision to consistently implement the ASAM OpenX standards, we can provide data services for various customers. The development effort for the development and maintenance of different data interfaces is enormously reduced. This has helped us to focus on the core competence of our data business and to increase the quality of our products and services.