Ben Engel

Global Technology Manager

Ben Engel

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)



As Chief Technology Officer, Ben Engel is responsible for the technical development and alignment of the ASAM standards as well as for the technical team. 



In his previous role as Global Technology Manager, Ben coordinated and supported projects for Simulation-based standardization at ASAM. The focus was on the integration and continued development of the OpenX Standards (OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO, OpenCRG) to ensure their compatibility with the rapidly growing demand for standards for highly-autonomous mobility.


Before he came to ASAM, Ben had gained extensive experience with Simulation, with a specialization on its application for safety and Homologation within the automotive branch. His management experience was obtained directly in the Simulation industry, both for the European market and internationally through the strategic development of international CAE support offices for clients across the globe.


Ben Engel

Altlaufstr. 40

85635 Hoehenkirchen


Phone:   +49 8102 701390 81

Mobile:   +49 151 616 45 936 

Email:      benjamin.engel(at)