Glossary Directory

Abbreviation Definition
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model (Microsoft Public Specification)
DLL Dynamic-Link Library
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTD Document Type Definition
DTO Data Transfer Object
DoCAN Diagnostic Communication over Controller Area Network (ISO Standard)
DoIP Diagnostics over IP (ISO Standard)
FIBEX Field Bus Exchange Format
FMI Functional Mock-up Interface
FSX Functional Specification Exchange Format (ASAM Standard)
GDI Generic Device Interface (ASAM Standard)
GES General Expression Syntax (ASAM Standard)
HIL Hardware in the Loop
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol (IETF/W3C Standard)
I/O Input / Output
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IP Internet Protocol (IETF Standard)
ISO International Organization for Standardization
JPL JTAG Programming Language
JTAG Joint Test Action Group (IEEE Standard)
LIN Local Interconnect Network (ISO Standard)
LXF Layout Exchange Format (ASAM Standard)
MBFS Model Based Functions Specification (ASAM Standard)
MC Measurement and Calibration
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