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We automate annotations

Introducing the automation engine for data annotation. Tooling designed by AI-natives to cut costs and to accelerate the training and validation of your assisted & autonomous driving technology.

Zero-Touch Annotation™ – zero errors, zero delays, zero worries about your data annotation budget.

ASAM related products

UAI Annotator
UAI Annotator is our annotation tooling for camera, lidar and sensor fusion data. Superpowered by the automation engine for data annotation, UAI Annotator delivers unprecedented automation rates accelerating the training & testing of AI based systems like assisted and autonomous driving.
UAI Anonymizer
Anonymization of faces and license plates has become a global requirement. With regulations from the European GDPR, Californian CCPA, Chinese CSL and Japanese APPI, autonomous vehicles need to be able to collect street scene data globally with all the critical personal information automatically removed. UAI Anonymizer, our AI-powered anonymization tool, ensures your data is compliant by blurring faces and number plates in a fully automated fashion.
Scenario Generation
The test space for autonomous driving functions is incredibly large today and it’s not feasible to validate everything with real-world driving tests. We bring the complexity of reality into your simulation via highly accurate, complex simulation scenarios and their variations derived from real-world sensor measurements.


Data annotation, data labeling, scenario generation, anonymization

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