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Siemens PLM Software is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. Siemens PLM Software enables its customers to get better products faster to market, and to turn superior process efficiency to their strategic competitive advantage. Siemens PLM Software offers a unique combination of virtual simulation software, testing systems, engineering services, process and data management. Siemens PLM Software is committed to openness of its Simulation and Test solutions, based on the support of standards, so as to enable optimal interoperability of Siemens PLM Software solutions with complementary solutions supporting the development processes at its customers.

ASAM related products

Simcenter Testlab
Integrated environment for functional performance Testing
Simcenter Testlab (LMS Test.Lab) is a complete solution for test-based engineering combining high-speed multi-channel data acquisition with a suite of integrated testing, analysis and report generation tools. Simcenter Testlab (LMS Test.Lab) is designed to make testing more efficient and more convenient for the users. It includes solutions for rotating machinery, structural and acoustic testing and vibration control. Support of the ASAM ODS format is a cornerstone of the Simcenter Testlab (LMS Test.Lab) application, providing full data compatibility with data originating from other sources than Simcenter Testlab (LMS Test.Lab).
Supported ASAM Standards
Simcenter Testlab Data Management
Engineering Data Management Solution
The Simcenter Testlab Data Management (LMS Test.Lab Data Management) solution provides an environment for efficient management, sharing and data exchange for both work-in-progress and published NVH test data. Simcenter Testlab Data Management (LMS Test.Lab Data Management) can manage ASAM-ODS data securely, publish data beyond the restricted project team and increase the efficiency of sharing data across the company.
Supported ASAM Standards


data management, acoustics, CAE, data acquisition (DAQ), durability, engineering services, fatigue analysis, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), test system, vibration

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