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Prosig was founded in 1977 by staff from the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton in the UK. The Company's goal was, and remains, to create the highest quality systems and software for noise and vibration measurement. The Company supplies reliable, high-quality, integrated measurement systems so that customers achieve the best results with the latest tools. As well as hardware and software solutions, we offer support, maintenance, consultancy, rental and training services.
The company designs systems using the knowledge gained over five decades of studying the world's sound and vibration problems. Our systems and engineers have helped the likes of NASA, Jaguar Land Rover, RWE, Ford, British Aerospace, RAL Space, Curtiss-Wright, Mazda and Airbus. Our systems are used in numerous companies, defence organizations, F1 teams, power generators, universities, and research organizations worldwide.
Prosig is a part of the Condition Monitoring Technology Group (CMTG). The combined knowledge and expertise of Prosig and the other CMTG brands allow us to provide complete engineering solutions, large and small, across various disciplines and market sectors. A network of partners, resellers and agents support businesses across the globe.
We are passionate about sound and vibration measurement and signal processing. When we began, we needed high precision and high integrity tools to measure and analyze sound and vibration. Nothing we found was good enough, so we made our own.

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DATS Test & Measurement Suite
Noise & Vibration Measurement & Analysis
DATS is a comprehensive range of hardware and software products focused on measuring and analyzing sound and vibration data. DATS has been refined and improved using Prosig’s five decades of real-world measurement experience. DATS hardware provides solutions from four channels to several hundred. Many sensor input options include microphones, accelerometers, strain gauges, thermocouples, load/pressure/force sensors, tachometers, rotary encoders, digital I/O and CAN bus. Analogue and digital output is available with open and closed loop control options. The DATS software is a data capture, signal processing and reporting tool suite. It is used for various engineering and general signal processing tasks, particularly acoustics and vibration. A core package provides basic functionality, and several optional packs and add-ons address specific application areas. The intuitive and powerful worksheet environment in DATS allows users to go beyond the usual test & measure scenarios and gain genuine insight from measurements.
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