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itemis AG

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itemis is a software company that creates solutions for its customers with innovative ideas and agile methods. As an innovation partner, itemis supports digitization projects with both advice and action so that companies can profitably tap the full potential of digital change, remain competitive and open up new business areas for themselves.

Our experts have in-depth expertise in a wide range of disciplines. We are specialists in the automotive domain, for domain-specific languages, build apps and web applications, work with large amounts of data and evaluate these data with artificial intelligence. Software is our passion. Therefore, our overriding goal is to make software easier and more usable.

In addition to our consulting and development services, customers benefit from the use of our YAKINDU software products. These are tools for various roles in the software development process to develop efficiently, reduce error rates, identify risks at an early stage and have an overview of project progress at all times.

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