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FDTech GmbH

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The mobility and automotive sectors are changing at an ever-increasing pace.
We are shaping this change.

Modern society is fast-paced and driven by individualism and urbanisation. Demographic change, a rapidly developing service society, reductions in public transport services in rural areas, or maximum flexibility for people with reduced mobility are the driving forces for innovative mobility concepts. Automated driving significantly contributes to address these challenges and we, the FDTech team, bring the relevant systems expertise and Know-how. FDTech provides the individual building blocks for enhancing current concepts and shaping future mobility. Working together with car manufacturers, suppliers and traffic infrastructure operators, we develop functions for driver assistance systems and automated driving, integrate them into the local and cross-regional infrastructure and so shape the future of mobility.
We design functions and systems based on an analysis of the technical and societal requirements as well as the related technical possibilities. The integration of the digital infrastructure and modern safety concepts is a key aspect in our work of developing safe, convenient and efficient mobility starting with sensor selection and integration through data processing using intelligent algorithms to the implementation of mobility functions.

The technology company FDTech has been founded 2017 in Chemnitz. By now there are already 60 experts working in the headquarter as well as subsidiaries in Munich and Wolfsburg. Vision and mission of the company is autonomous mobility for everyone and everywhere! FDTech is a driving force for automated driving in Saxony.


automated driving, autonomous, mobility, concepts, systems, functions, algorithms, testing, safety

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