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Advanced Data Controls Corp.

Tool Vendor / Service Provider

Advanced Data Controls Corp., as an independent software company, has provided flexible system software and has also supported customers technically. Today, hardware which developed drastically in our computerized world, has been used widely in many fields.

Therefore, naturally, importance in software has been established. The development of software and the rationalization of its production have been considered to be one of the factors which cannot lack in the future industrial maturity.

Advanced Data Controls Corp., since the foundation of the company, has believed that it would be necessary to have a new direction such as a provider not only of development machines, but also of program developing software tools and their maintenance.

Advanced Data Controls Corp. made a contract with Whitesmith, Ltd. (a software company in the United States) in April, 1982, and also with Green Hills Software, LLC (a software company in the United States) in December, 1992. Green Hills Software, LLC has been our main partner in technical support and software production.

In December,2007, we made a contract with Symtavision GmbH. We are providing the products from these companies and with this contract, we can provide customers with a new hardware programming environment as well as a corporating debugging environment with software. With these products provided, we believe that we can expect higher quality of production.


OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO, OSI, OpenLABEL, OpenXOntology, OpenODD, Unreal Engine4, Environment and Sensor model,

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