Supplementary Products

ASAM Products that support you in implementing ASAM Standards.

Supplementary Products

A supplementary product supports the implementation or application of an ASAM standard. A supplementray product is delivered as an executable tool or as source code. Tools must be ordered seperately, see instructions in the column "How to Obtain" in the table below. Source code is typically packaged with the standard deliverable and can be directly downloaded by ASAM members.


Product NameTypeRelated StandardDescriptionHow to Obtain
PSS Reference ImplementationSource CodeASAM MCD-1 PODReference code of the POD service software (PSS)

Bundled with the standard download. ASAM MCD-1 POD

A2L-CheckerToolASAM MCD-2 MCCommand line tool for syntactic validation of A2L-filesRequest tool.  Order Form
XIL Support LibrarySource CodeASAM XILAPI code mainly implementing the MAPort and simulator controlBundled with the standard download.  ASAM XIL
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