Description of road networks for driving and traffic simulation. Specification of driving maneuvers and test scenarios.

Domain Overview: Simulation



The Simulation Domain is our most recent domain which is drawing a huge interest in the industrie. ASAM has currently many standard develpment projects running (see tables below) and further ideas are on the way. 


Overview on the OpenX Standards at ASAM: 

New Standard Initiatives for the domain simulation

ASAM OpenODD Concpet

ASAM is launching a concept project to support the definition of ODDs (Operational Design Domain). An ODD defines the environment and conditions a vehicles can safely operate in. This includes weather, road surface and type and a myriad of other factors.

ASAM OpenODD aims to define a format that can represent an abstract ODD for a vehicle. It will be designed to be machine processable throughout the vehicle development and lifecycle. ASAM OpenODD shall complement the activities by BSI (BSI PAS 1883 provides a taxonomy for ODD) and ISO (ISO 34503 uses the taxonomy to provide a high-level definition format for ODD).

Ideation Workshop on Apr 23, 2020   Review
Proposal Workshop on Jun 29, 2020   Review


Proposal Phase

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The Open Simulation Interface (OSI) is a generic interface that allows users to connect any sensor with a standardized interface to any automated driving function or driving simulator tool. Join this workshop to bring in your ideas and requirements on how to further develop ASAM OSI. This new standard will be further developed with agile, open source software development methods.


A development project has been set up and is currently running. A first release is foreseen for Q4 2020.


Project Phase

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ASAM OpenOntology

This project aims to initiate the development of an ASAM Open Ontology that shall provide a foundation of common definitions, properties, and relations for central concepts of the ASAM OpenX standards, including OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO, OpenLABEL and others.


A development project has been set up and is currently running. It is foreseen to end in Q2 2021.


Project Phase

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ASAM OpenLABEL Concept 

OpenLABEL aims to introduce a standardized set of labels for objects of interest and for driving scenarios. In parallel it will define a generic labeling format applicable to data not specific to the two aforementioned use cases.


A concept project has been set up and is currently running. It is foreseen to end in Q3 2020.


Project Phase

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Current Activities by Standard

File format for the description of road surfaces. 
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Running Project

File format for the description of road networks. 
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Running Project: 




File format for the description of vehicle maneuvers.

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Running Projects: 

    Project end foreseen for Q1 2021
    Project end foreseen for Q3 2021




Generic interface to connect sensors to automated driving function and to driving simulators.

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Running Project

    Participation is possible any time.
    Ongoing project with the first release foreseen for Q4 2020.


Domain Overview

This page shall give you an overview on all activities within the simulation domain and help you to navigte your way around. This site is currently being created and we are open for recommendations. Tell us what you expect to find here.

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