Domain Overview: SIMULATION

Description of road networks for driving and traffic simulation. Specification of driving maneuvers and test scenarios.

Domain Simulation

The ASAM Simulation domain is often also referred to as the 'ASAM OpenX' domain. It is a fairly new area of expertise at ASAM and provides standards that support the automotive industry in furthering the state of autonomous driving, especially with respect to (virtual) validation and verification. Over the previous months we have launched different activities and standard developments and we continue to actively develop these standards further: Scroll the timeline below for further information. Details will pop up when clicking on the blue buttons.


Goals for the Simulation Domain


ASAM aims to support the automotive industry in making level 4 and higher autonomous driving a reality. The ASAM OpenX standards already support several steps of a scenario-based testing workflow to validate autonomous driving. Additional measures ensure that further standardization needs are identified at an early stage and existing solutions are taken into account.


Currently, ASAM is following two strategy paths:

  • White spot analysis: ASAM conducts study projects to identify white spots or overlaps in standard development that need to be addressed. Those projects are usually well attended, many stakeholders are involved. This way we can be sure that the results represent industry practice and needs. One of these projects is the study project “ASAM Test Specification” where the full scenario-based testing workflow is discussed.  Read more
  • Taking advantage of existing standards: Instead of developing new standards, ASAM aims to use existing standards where possible and – if necessary and feasible – adapt them to the new requirements. ASAM has several industry-proven standards that are evaluated for their usefulness for the validation of autonomous vehicles.

ASAM attaches great importance to the harmonization of all ASAM standards as well as harmonization with important standards of other organizations.

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