Implementers Forum

Implementation support for ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0

ASAM Implementers Forum

Support for the Implementation and Use of ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0

ASAM is currently developing ASAM OpenSCENARIO in two parallel versions. The two versions occupy different positions in the application toolchain. V1.x is a low-level and concrete specification format, primarily designed to be read by simulation tools. V2.0 allows those users that create maneuver descriptions and tests to define scenarios at a higher level of abstraction as well as providing alternative expression methods to the current XML format of OpenSCENARIO 1.0.0 via a domain-specific language (DSL).


To support companies in implementing the more complex development branch of V2.0.0, ASAM has launched this Implementers Forum. The goal is to develop a thorough, shared understanding of the usage and implementation requirements of ASAM OpenSCENARIO. The forum will also provide a feedback loop to the development project to highlight any potential issues that arise. 


ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0 is developed
in parallel to the ASAM OpenSCENARIO V1.x
branch. V2.0.0 introduces some groundbreaking
features. Both branches, V1.x and V2.0 shall 
merge to one in the future. 


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ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0 Public Release Candidate (PRC)

ASAM has now released a Public Release Candidate (PRC) of ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0. The complexity of this standard, with all the groundbreaking features that are being introduced, means there may be some aspects we overlooked for specific use cases. We want to make sure that the first release of this new version of OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0 is the best it can be, so we decided to give you, the industry, a chance to begin testing and implementing the standard before we move to a full release. The Implementers Forum will provide the framework for collaboratively discussing, using and implementing ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0 based on the PRC.



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We invite you to take part in the activities of the Implementers Forum. Membership is not required! Please contact

The Implementers Forum is coordinated by the project leaders and has three parallel tracks:

  • Language Implementation for discussions and deep dives into the language and implementing it.
  • Applying the Domain Model for discussions and resolutions of feedback surrounding the domain model (actions, actors, road network, etc.).
  • Scenario Specification, which was initially planned to collectively increase knowledge of using the standard to write scenarios. As we progress, it has become a Q&A session with experts to resolve roadblocks in scenario specification.

The meetings take place every Thursday 15:00 - 17:00 CET.

Why you should take part in the Forum: 

  • The Implementers Forum is coordinated by the work group leads. 
  • The Implementers Forum will be the main feedback channel on the PRC
  • While we do not expect full industrial strength implementation to be done in 3 months, implementation work that will start will enable “onion peeling” of content
  • The Implementers Forum has been running in parallel to the development of the standard and implementation work has already started 
  • We are aware of other companies who started implementing already
  • ASAM OpenSCENARIO V2.0.0 does not reinvent the wheel. Some concepts have been implemented elsewhere, proven and can be used to accelerate the testing (see concept document)


How to submit feedback to the PRC

It’s as easy as sending an email! 

  • Go to the Public Release Candidate
  • Just click the Submit Feedback button at the top right of the page you want to submit feedback on
  • This will automatically generate an email in your default email client
  • Fill out the template and send it off!
  • Feedback will be processed and evaluated by the project team
  • Any comments made by project members will land in your email inbox
  • Reply to comments by replying to the email!
  • Workgroup Leads will coordinate resolution of submitted feedback in weekly meetings
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