Peter Voss New Managing Director at ASAM e.V.

As of Apr 01, 2021, Mr. Peter Voss will become new Managing Director of ASAM e.V. He follows Dr. Klaus Estenfeld who is retiring from his position as managing director after five years.

ASAM is announcing a change in magagement at ASAM e.V.: After five years, Dr. Klaus Estenfeld will retire from his position as Managing Director. Peter Voss takes over the tasks.


Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker, Chairman of the ASAM Board of Directors, acknowledges the work of Dr. Estenfeld: „The last 5 years that Dr. Estenfeld served as Managing Director have been exceptional for ASAM e.V. in every aspect. We have appreciated Dr. Estenfeld as a calm and very competent person and thank him for his intensive and successful work as well as his tireless commitment over the past five years." Prof. Rieker adds: "We are very pleased that he will remain available to ASAM in a different form in the near future. At the same time, we are pleased that we have been able to win Mr. Voss as our new Managing Director. We are convinced that Mr. Voss, together with the experienced ASAM team, will further develop our association and drive it to new limits."

During his time as Managing Director, Dr. Klaus Estenfeld was able to set significant impulses: Under his leadership, the OpenX standards were transferred to ASAM which lead to the establishment of the new domain Simulation and attracted many new members and experts. His passion to drive internationality lead to standardization activities in different parts of the world, the establishment of C-ASAM in China, the further development of other parts of the world, such as Japan, USA and Korea, as well as a strong international membership base. With the addition of new staff, ASAM now has the ability to better support and advance working groups and improve ASAM's visibility. “I am deeply grateful for being able to serve ASAM as Managing Director,” says Dr. Estenfeld.


Dr. Estenfeld will remain with ASAM as Executive Advisor until September 2022, advising and supporting the new Managing Director, Mr. Voss, and the ASAM Board.  In addition, until furthr notice, he will remain Executive Director of ASAM Japan G.K. and a member of the Advisory Board of C-ASAM in China. He will also be responsible for membership administration and will act as Liaison Manager for cooperations and partnerships of all kinds.


The new Managing Director, Mr. Peter Voss, has gained long-standing experience in the automotive semiconductor business from which the last two decades were dominated by the growing  ADAS and Autonomous Driving market. Through his career,  Peter Voss managed global business and market developments as well as strategic product definitions while working with OEMS and Tier1s.


„I am very excited to take over the task as Managing Director and look forward to increasing and further developing ASAM’s unique value of an agile standard development platform for OEMs, Tier-1s, tool vendors and research institutes. My main goal will be to lead ASAM to the next level of relevance in the industry.”


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