ASAM Introduces Credit Voucher Concept to Appreciate Active Engagement

Taking part in standardization projects and running for office in ASAM bodies is voluntary and generates costs for the participating member company. ASAM has introduced a "Credit Voucher Concept" that appreciates support of its members by allowing them to reduce their membership fee.

Just like in other organizations, ASAM's success is strongly based on the voluntary work of and participation by the member companies. The reason for members to participate in project groups and ASAM bodies like the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) or the ASAM Board of Directors is clear: Participation provides the opportunity to influence standards according to the member's needs, to reduce time-to-market, and to exchange ideas and network among peers. 


However, ASAM is aware that sending employees to standardization projects generates costs for the participating member company. Therefore, a credit system has been established already in 2010 that was supposed to appreciate the companies' engagement. 


This system proved to be intransparent for the members, difficult to handle for ASAM, and raised many questions. The need for a new credit concept was discussed at the General Assembly 2018. A task force consisting of representatives from member companies, the Technical Steering Committee, and the ASAM office, has developed a new credit voucher system that is more transparent for members and easier to manage for ASAM. 


This new concept foresees a credit voucher for member companies who actively take part in: 

  • at least one standards development project that was/were released within the past calendar year
  • or the ASAM Technical Steering Committee (TSC) 
  • or the ASAM Board of Directors


Any of the above activities is credited with 2.500 €. The credit voucher is automatically deducted in retrospect from the membership fee of the subsequent year. Each company can be rewarded with a maximum of 5.000 € per year. The deduction may not exceed 50% of the yearly membership fee.  


"I believe we have found a concept that is fair to our members by treating all membership groups equal. At the same time, it simplifies the effort for the ASAM office immensely." explains Dr. Estenfeld, managing director of ASAM.


For the full information, please download the Credit Voucher Concept

The issuing of credit vouchers is based on ASAM's good-will. There is no legal claim to the issuing of credit vouchers.

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