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iSYSTEM was founded in 1986 and is a privately held company headquartered in Schwabhausen close to Munich and subsidiaries in Slovenia and the USA. For 30 years now iSYSTEM is i.a. specializing in customers from the automotive, aerospace and medical industries where quality and safety play a huge role. Customers of iSYSTEM develop embedded systems that can save lives and ensure that this is not unnecessary in danger. iSYSTEM develops, manufactures and markets on embedded software development and test specialized hardware and software tools. The BlueBox hardware and software allow quick access to all kinds of single and multi-core microcontroller via the many different forms of debug interfaces. This software can be developed and tested directly on the real hardware without code instrumentation.
  • Keywords

    automation; automotive; automotive embedded control systems; devolopment process; development tool; embedded software; mearsuring equipment; software development tool; system integration; test
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