MicroNova AG

Tool Supplier

Brief Description

MicroNova AG is a German software and system company with more than 160 employees. The company offers products, solutions and services for testing of electronics and mechatronics for the automotive sector.

ASAM related products and services

  • EXAM

  • Testautomation System

  • EXAM defines a comprehensive tool and methodology based on UML to represent, implement and evaluate test cases. It enables you to graphically model test processes in sequence diagrams without programming knowledge. EXAM is suitable for use in Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation (HiL), test bench automation and Software-in-the-Loop simulation (SiL).


  • NovaCarts

  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation platform

  • NovaCarts is a modular HiL simulation platform and software supporting setups from HiLs for single ECUs up to complete integration HiL-Systems. NovaCarts offers modularity in hardware and software, allowing it to extend setups on demand. The modularity also allows it to switch easily between hardware and software simulations instanteneously.


  • Keywords

    automotive; consulting; devolpment tool; hardware-in-the-loop; integration support; safety test; solution provider; test automation; test bed; test system
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