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PikeTec is a software company specialized in functional testing and verification of ECU software. For this, PikeTec created the tool TPT which supports systematic automated test of control software. Testing Simulink-models works as well as testing ASCET-models or C-Code. TPT supports MiL, SiL or even PiL and HiL testing procedures.

ASAM related products and services

  • Test Consulting

  • Consulting

  • We provide support for designing test processes and test methodologies.

  • Test Engineering

  • Engineering

  • We do testing of all kind of automotive control software like powertrain controller, body controller, drive dynamics controller etc.

  • TPT

  • Testing tool

  • TPT is a model based testing and verification tool for control systems. TPT supports modeling of reactive testing, real-time testing, automatic test execution on e.g. Simulink or ASCET models, C-Code, PiL or HiL. Tests are evaluated and reported automatically. Requirements tracing and testing according to ISO26262 is possible.


  • Keywords

    automation automotive embedded control systems hardware-in-the-loop safety test software software development tool software engineering test test automation test system
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  • Contact Information

  • Waldenserstr. 2-4
    10551 Berlin
  • + 49 30 39 40 96 83 0
  • + 49 30 39 40 96 83 90

  • Mr. Jens Luedemann

  • info(at)piketec.com

  • http://www.piketec.com