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BETA CAE Systems offers state-of-the-art CAE solutions that meet the requirements of all simulation disciplines, for many sectors, including the automotive motorsports and aerospace. The company’s products, ANSA pre-processor, Epilysis solver, μETA post-processor, and SPDRM simulation-process-data-and-resources manager, hold a worldwide leading position.

ASAM related products and services

  • ANSA/META suite

  • Pre- & Post-processing for FEA & CFD simulation and test.

  • META provides an embedded ASAM ODS browser specifically designed to ensure flexibility, performance and ease of use in navigating and querying ASAM ODS data sources. It provides an overview to the data hierarchy included in the data model and a powerful query tool for retrieving data from the server. The wide range of tools in META for assisting NVH testing through the selection of suitable measurement and excitation locations along with the various specific plot types such as Campbell diagrams, and the output of geometry in ATFX format from ANSA, enable our software suite to easily fit in a development cycle process which includes test and simulation. All functionality is also available through scripting thus, allowing the full automation of tasks involving interaction with ASAM ODS data sources.


  • Keywords

    CAE, CFD, crash test, durability, engineering data management, fatigue analysis, software
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  • Mr. Dr. Sam Saltiel

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