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We are experts in the development of new systems in the field of vehicle electronics as well as the validation of sensor-based driver assistance and safety systems. At our facilities in Lindau (Bodensee) and Böblingen, our range of services encompasses not only embedded software development, we also execute complex projects for our customers, and manage them throughout the entire product development process, from prototyping and testing to series production. A key focus in the development of the automotive branch is highly-automated an autonomous driving. With our expertise and know-how we thrive to become one of the pioneers of autonomous driving.

ASAM related products and services


  • Diagnosis ECU

  • The multifunctional platform for the automated reporting of test drives, as well as a measurement and diagnostic unit. Its compact design combined with its numerous interfaces permits the PODBOX to be used in the laboratory and also in the vehicle. A highlight of the PODBOX is its independence from operating system, as all data are accessible via a web browser.


  • Keywords

    automotive embedded control systems, change management, data analysis, data management, diagnosis,high performance data acquisition,measurement, software development, solution provider, vehicle bus analyzer
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