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Peak Solution is focused on the design and implementation of software applications for the planning, description, evaluation and documentation of tests. The solutions are based on standardized, flexibly adjustable software components which, thanks to their open interfaces, can be integrated smoothly into existing application and system landscapes. Special focus is placed on the use of applicable standards like ASAM ODS.

ASAM related products and services

  • openMDM based systems

  • An open and manufacturer independent open source software platform for the implementation of company-wide test and measurement data management solutions

  • Proven software modules for test definition and order placement as well as storage, search and exchange of measurement data, customizable application model, interfaces to many measurement systems and data formats, like e.g. DIADEM, FAMOS, Excel, etc.


  • Peak BigODS Engine

  • Evaluation of test data in a Big Data Cluster

  • The Peak BigODS Engine offers you the possibility to evaluate comprehensive amounts of test data in a HDFS/YARN-based Big Data Cluster considering complex criteria. Along with the Peak Peak BigODS Engine, we provide special connectors (= input formats) for different measurement data formats (e.g. ASAM ODS, MDF3, MDF4, ISOMME, etc.). Data analysts can integrate the connectors into Apache Spark applications in order to “decode” the measurement data and to evaluate them through complex analyses. Apache Spark’s In-Memory technology ensures particularly quick data processing. Providing an accordingly large Cluster of physical and virtual servers, petabytes of measurement data can easily be processed. Just like HDFS/YARN, the Spark Cluster\'s performance increases linearly with its size. Using Java and Python, our predefined query algorithms can be integrated in existing applications (e.g. Peak ODS Server, openMDM®).


  • Peak ODS Permission Manager

  • Reliable protection for measurement data

  • The Peak ODS Permission Manager helps you to automate the often very complex allocation of granular read, write, edit and delete authorizations for different ODS instances (e.g. projects) and their assigned elements (e.g. tests and measurement results that are linked to a project). This is done on the basis of freely definable criteria and conditions, which you can comfortably manage in an administration interface. For example: At periodic intervals, the Peak ODS Permission Manager determines those projects, tests and measurement results to which the defined selection criteria apply (e.g. project type = confidential) and allocates or withdraws the respectively included rights for the defined user groups. In this way, it is guaranteed that the access to new test data or tests that change their status over time is protected promptly and in accordance with the agreed security and confidentiality guidelines.


  • Peak ODS Server

  • Peak ODS Server offers standardized methods and interfaces for saving and reading test data on the basis of ODS

  • Peak ODS Server supports the ASAM standards ODS 5.3, ODS Mixed Mode and ODS Extended Query. It is optimized for use in connection with the measurement data management framework openMDM. But also other data acquisition, automation and analysis systems can be expanded fast and cost-effectively to access ODS databases using the Peak ODS server. Providers who would like to use the Peak ODS Server in their own OEM solutions or customer projects will find that Peak Solution has a fair partner concept with interesting conditions. The Peak ODS server works with Oracle and MS-SQL data bases.


  • Professional services for openMDM

  • Professional services for the implementation of company-wide test and measurement data management solutions

  • Consulting, system set-up, customizing, software development, system integration, support and maintenance for the open MDM framework


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    automotive, consulting, crash test, data management, integration, measurement modules, measurement system integration, software component, software development, software engineering, ODS server, openMDM
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