ASAM Glossary

  • AAS ASAM adopted Specification
  • ACI Automatic Calibration Interface
    This ASAM standard defines interfaces between automation and optimization components, which evaluate an optimized set of parameters for control systems.
  • ACS Automatic Calibration System
    A computer based tool which enables a decision process to be defined, so that for a given environment the optimal parameters of an ECU system can be identified.
  • AE Automotive Electronics
    incl. ASAM MCD and MSR activities. This group of ASAM standards defines interfaces and data structures for the automotive electronics development and test processes.
  • AIS ASAM Internal Standards
  • API Application Programming Interface
    The interface that a computer system, library or application provides in order to allow requests for service to be made of it by other computer programs, and/or to allow data to be exchanged between them.
  • ATF ASAM Transport Format
    A file storage system that allows measurement data to be stored independent of a database. Prior to version 5.0 of ASAM ODS, that file storage system was the classic ASAM Transport Format (referenced as ATF/CLA and currently published as version 1.4.1). With version 5.0 came the introduction of ATF/XML which is an XML-based version of the ATF file format. Like its older counterpart, ATF/XML makes it possible to exchange whole environments or even parts of those between different computers and environments. While there are slight differences other than the XML basis, ATF/XML and ATF/CLA are so similar that they should be considered to be two different “flavors” of the same standard. ATF/XML is able to transport the required structure and instance information as well as the respective data and to store all this information in a standardized format.
  • AuSy Automation System
    Also known as TBS or Test Bench System. This is a Real Time system that controls the hardware within a test environment. The AuSy may be a single physical system or a set of distributed elements that control the unit under test.
  • Board The Board of Directors
    Regulates the interests of ASAM on the strategic level and is the highest escalation level in the business operations of ASAM.
  • Calibration Monitoring, adapting and optimizing the characteristics and parameters of a system
    This is the activity of systematically monitoring, adapting and optimizing the characteristics and parameters of a system, e.g. typically an ECU.
  • CAN Controller Area Network
    A multicast shared serial bus standard for connecting electronic control units (ECUs). Although initially created for automotive purposes (as a vehicle bus), nowadays it is used in many embedded control applications (e.g., industrial).
  • CCP CAN Calibration Protocol
    Communication protocol used for changing software and calibrations within automotive control units.
  • CEA Components for Evaluation and Analysis
    This ASAM standard defines a component interface and the necessary basic functionality for the creation of project-specific overall applications for modular measured data evaluation and analysis tools.
  • Certification Examination and validation of tools concerning compliance with ASAM standards
    Certification within ASAM means examination and validation of tools concerning compliance with ASAM standards. Certification within ASAM is done by certification partners.
  • CiA CAN in Automation
    An international organization, which used up itself the spreading and standardisation of the CAN bus in the automatic control engineering. The association after German right (registered association) has today over 400 members in all world, predominantly companies.
  • CR Change Request
  • DCD Device Capability Description
    DCD describes an object-like interface of procedural real-time components (device drivers) using the DCD language.
  • DCF Device Configuration File
  • DIP Device Independent Profile
  • DIT Device Info Text
  • DLL Dynamic-Link Library
    A file that can be loaded and executed by programs dynamically. Basically it's an external code repository for programs. Since usually several different programs reuse the same DLL instead of having that code in their own file, this dramatically reduces required storage space. A synonym for a DLL would be library. 
  • Dynamometer (Dyno) A device used to measure power and torque produced by an engine
    There are two types of Dynos; One that gets bolted directly to an engine, known as an Engine Dyno, or a Dyno that can measure power and torque without removing the engine from the frame of the vehicle, this is known as a Chassis Dyno.
  • Ebench Emission Bench
  • ECU Electronic Control Unit
    An embedded system that controls one or more of the electrical subsystems in a vehicle. In the last years the number of ECU in cars was steadily increasing. Examples for ECU are: Engine Control Unit – ECU; Transmission Control Unit – TCU; Telephone Control Unit - TCU ; Man Machine Interface – MMI; Door Control unit; Seat Control Unit; Climate Control Unit.
  • EDS Electronic Data Sheet