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UniqueSec is a high-tech company providing an innovative solution for validation of autonomous driving. Test and validation of autonomous vehicles is a vast endeavor in the real world in order to cover all hazardous scenarios, it demands a massive cost and enormous resources. With ASGARD1 invented by UniqueSec, a safe, reliable, cost effective and scalable in-lab test becomes achievable for all automakers and suppliers Tier-1 &2. This leading technology has a profound impact on test and validation of autonomous cars.

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Radar target emulator
ASGARD1 (Automated Scenario Generator for Automotive Radar verification) is a software and hardware solution for automakers (OEM) in order to increase the performance and safety of validation. On the other hand, this system is giving faster end-of-line auto-alignment process and in-depth end-of-line test and verification of autonomous vehicles for avoiding dangerous scenarios. With ASGARD1, it is possible to generate very dense and complex scenarios including many road users with different maneuverings. It is possible to create the signature of these road users with extreme value of speed, distance (closest distance) and size and validate how the vehicle equipped with radars can detect them correctly as expected. The importance of in-lab testing is reproducibility of the scenarios, and therefore it makes possible to analyze the performance of autonomous car in the real world under critical situations.


Autonomous driving validation, OTA (over the air) HIL (hardware in loop), automotive radar test and verification, radar target simulator, OpenDrive, OpenScenario

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