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PROSTEP AG is the leading, vendor-neutral consulting and software company for any and every aspect of product lifecycle management (PLM). We provide customers with support for their digital transformation and help make them fit for Industry 4.0. Our strengths include PLM strategy consulting and process optimization, system selection and implementation, PLM integration and migration, as well as secure data exchange and conversion. We provide you with support from the initial concept through to the implementation and commissioning of your PLM solution.

ASAM related products

OpenDXM GlobalX
Software for managed file transfer (MFT), available as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in a highly secure cloud environment. Integrate your partners worldwide in your development projects, speed up communication, shorten development cycles and secure your market position with maximum IP protection.
The world's leading product suite for PLM system integration. Improve the integration of your heterogeneous PLM system landscape, replace your obsolete PLM solution without any loss of information and/or integrate external development partners more tightly in your PLM processes.
Traceability and CLM (configuration lifecycle management) solution for developing smart products. With OpenCLM, PROSTEP has created a lightweight and easy-to-configure web application for traceability and cross-discipline CLM. It makes it possible to link data and documents from different source systems instead of replicating them. OpenCLM’s core functions include support for process and project management, the planning of milestones and deliverables (tasks), the generation and management of trace links and configurations, and the coordination of cross-domain changes.
3DPDF and HTML5 solutions
We use the original 3D PDF technology from Adobe Systems for paperless processes including all kinds of information. Merge 3D models from any CAD system, 2D documents of any kind and metadata from your PLM and ERP systems in intelligent 3D PDF documents or HTML5 web pages that can be viewed with Adobe Reader or any web browser. PDF documents can even be used for long-term archiving.
PROSTEP Strategy Consulting
With PROSTEP strategy consulting you can overcome the boundaries of disciplines, processes and systems to achieve up-to-date, integrated development, production and service for smart systems. Digitalization and Industrie 4.0 Readiness Check, PLM Strategy Consulting, Model Based Systems Engineering, ALM, PDM and ERP integration and process design, Digital Master & Digital Twin: Becoming a Model-based Enterprise, Partner and customer loyalty.


PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, integration, migration, PLM strategy consulting, secure data exchange, data conversion, cloud service, CLM, Configuration Lifecycle Management

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