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MeCalc Technologies was founded on the desire to do things differently, cleverly, and with better results. Collaborating with global partners and customers since 1984, MeCalc Technologies has been designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced data acquisition and control systems for the automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

MeCalc’s QuantusSeries instruments provide an integrated but open architecture for the measurement and output of quantities such as sound, vibration, fatigue, temperature, and high-speed voltage. Our solutions fulfill any measurement need, from portable data recording, troubleshooting, and distributed systems, to high channel count rack-mountable applications. QuantusSeries instruments store data in open and accessible formats, increasing adaptability, and allowing you to choose how to process and manage your data.

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Data acquisition instrumentation and software
The QuantusSeries is more than just an acquisition system. It is a complete suite of tools for Structural Acquisition and the most demanding Data Acquisition applications. With over 150 000 channels installed in the market, our systems are used globally in applications where accuracy and the quality of signal conditioning come first. From small to large channel counts, leading manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, and defense trust MeCalc with their most important projects. In addition to the quality of analog signal processing and sensor support, every system in the QuantusSeries family uses state-of-the-art digital processors to further process and manage signal information. Processing in the front-end hardware improves phase accuracy, effective bandwidth, and scalability of the system for real-time measurements. From 2 channels to 1000s of channels, the QuantusSeries is the most portable, flexible, and scalable system available on the market.
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Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, Automotive, Aerospace, DAQ, Matlab, Labview, Python, RESTful, Open Source Software, Hardware

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