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The mission of Edge Case Research is to ensure that everyone stepping into a self-driving car gets a safe ride, and that every autonomous vehicle traveling through our neighborhoods is built safely from the ground up. We work closely with our customers to achieve this vision. Our customers demand scalable, data-driven risk management solutions to help them go to market with autonomous mobility that is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Edge Case delivers value to our customers by packaging the know-how of our team of experts into innovative products that accelerate safety engineering and monitor the safety of fleet operations to inform critical product readiness and underwriting decisions

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Perception Testing Tool
It intelligently tests perception software against adversarial examples, which it generates from your own sensor data. Hologram identifies risks that are difficult to find with other types of testing and analysis. This shows how your perception software reacts in realistic “what if” scenarios.
Edge Case Research founded by the recognized world leaders in autonomous system safety and autonomous vehicle safety, provides solutions to our customers in automotive, defense, aerospace, mining, and logistics by: Identify safety standards that are relevant to the autonomous product and understand how they should fit together to form coherent safety processes. Our experts use best practices from safety-critical industries to build a live safety case that argues clearly why your product is safe, and backs that argument up with evidence. Provide hazard analysis solutions to analyze what safety hazards your product needs to prevent and how these hazards might occur. These analyses serve as a basis for improving the autonomous product.
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