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Cruden is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of professional open architecture driving simulators and simulator software for the automotive, motorsport, marine and motorcycle industries.

We supply flexible, durable, high performing real-time simulators and their modular components:

- Hardware
- Simulator software (Panthera)
- Vehicle models
- 3D content
- Visual & audio systems

We recognized the potential of engineering simulators to save time and money through driver-in-the-loop (DIL) testing in the early 1990s, having started life as a spin-off of Fokker Aircraft. Since then, we have installed over 100 simulators, globally, and pioneered simulator technology for many new applications, such as driver research for autonomous driving handover moments and crew training simulators for fast small craft.

We employ over 40 people at our Amsterdam, Netherlands, facility, and are proud to retain some of the simulation industry’s leading experts. From here, we design and integrate the complete simulator architecture, including all the components, in-house, creating the perfect environment for low-latency simulator system integration.

Our customers include race teams, universities, research institutes, automotive and commercial vehicle OEMs, and maritime training centers. They rely on Cruden for:

- Simulators and software that easily integrate with existing tool chains
- Future-proofed, open-architecture systems that do not tie companies in
- Rich, honest and importantly, fun, working relationships!
- Making simulators affordable and accessible to as many organizational functions as possible, by focusing on technology that matters and a lean approach
- Customer support and access to ongoing consultancy, delivered as per customer preference

ASAM related products

Panthera Software Suite
Simulation Software
All our simulators run on the Cruden Panthera software suite, which integrates perfectly with existing simulator hardware and HIL or SIL configurations. Panthera is now also available as a stand-alone desktop simulator application and for use with any motion system. For more detailed information, consult our website. Panthera uses high-end physics and an excellent rendering engine. It contains controllers for motion platforms, steering feedback, pedals, dashboard, audio etc. as well as a scripting engine to define and customize the simulation. It is used in the development of Vehicle Dynamics and ADAS, as well as driver behavioral research.
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Driving Simulation, Simulator, System Integrator, Driver-in-the-Loop

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