The Process

All it takes is one idea.... and a community of supporters

The Process

The convergence of the automotive markets with new trends in digitation, autonomous driving, alternative propulsion, and vehicle as a service as enabled by new IT business models provides many new technical concepts that can be standardized in ASAM. Standardization always requires two parts:

  1. A technical concept, and
  2. Passionate, technical experts who convene at regular intervals to define the requirements and the implementation


1. Submit your idea, Exchange requirements - Globally

The New Idea Hub is a place where technical experts from all over the globe can post concepts and ideas, receive feedback, and drive new standardization topics. The process is:

  1. Send ideation(at) an email with your concept, idea, question or feedback
  2. The ASAM Office will contact you to clarify the details (or answer your feedback)
  3. The ASAM Office will post the mutually agreed concept to the New Idea Hub
  4. World-wide ASAM Members will be able to view the idea and post comments on the idea
  5. When significant interest is raised (subject to suitable market relevance), ASAM will host either an Ideation Group or Proposal Workshop


2. Ideation Group or Proposal Workshop?

When enough interest is raised, the ASAM Office can help organize either an Ideation Group or a Proposal Workshop. Ideation Groups can be a series of in person or video conferences to futher develop (either expand or sharpen) the concept - including the motivation, the business case, the requirements, or potential solutions. These workshops can also be used to increase participation (even with non-ASAM members), to better understand the ASAM Standardization Process, or to better develop a team before the process starts.

Ideation Groups are ideal when:

  • Not clearly defined
  • Define new concepts
  • Development of Owner / Champion
  • Identify correct technical resources
  • Provide guidance on defining specific content


The goal of an Ideation Group is a successful Proposal Workshop. Experienced groups with a good understanding of a technical topic may choose to proceed directly to a Proposal Workshop.


Proposal Workshops are the first step of the ASAM Standardization Process. In this one-day workshop, the participants solidify the concepts - the motivation, the requirements, the potential solution(s), and determine their future participation in the Standardization Effort (number of man days contributed to the effort). One outcome of the Proposal Workshop can be to pursue a Concept Project. A Concept Project can be to investigate a particular technology, a particular application, or a particular use case in more detail.


The ASAM Office is ready to help you transform your concepts from idea to standard.

Successful Ideation, Successful Standardization

Putting the right pieces into place during ideation leads to successful standardization. What are some of the factors that lead to successful ideation?


A well-documented concept

A written-down idea is much easier to share and to discuss across the ASAM Membership - either sharing through writing, by phone, or by video. The format of the document does not matter, but the document should convey the problem, the motivation, the potential market (the usefulness), the requirements, and the potential solution(s).


Active Participants

With the ever increasing requirements to acquire, store, and use data in the research, development, validation, manufacture, and use of vehicles, the ASAM membership has many topics suitable for standardization in ASAM. For people well-established in ASAM, core teams are well-known. However, as increasing numbers of technical experts join ASAM, new networks need to be formed or expanded. By using the ASAM New Idea Hub, your idea can reach into and beyond previous teams to incorporate more thoughts, ideas, and experience.



The process of bringing new topics to any organization and gaining support takes time. Time is required to develop the requirements, to develop and discuss solutuions, to author the standard. Additionally, after the standardization process - tools, processes, or code need to be developed to make use of the standard. Therefore, use cases need to be conceived with the proper market-relevant timing.



Leadership in ASAM takes on two meanings.


The first meaning is that the member organizations (and their employees) themselves must lead. The ASAM Consortium is driven based on the ideas, requirements, and interestes of the membership. This leading means to develop topics and road maps for standardization for the benefit of themselves and their customers or suppliers.  This also means to understand if their organization should be involved in the technical effort, and to provide time and resources for working in the project group (if appropriate).


The second meaning is that activities in standardization require a passionate leader. This person feels the ownership of the task at hand and draws people in to work on this concept. This person should also take care to establish the right motivation and the right environment (project management, clear tasks, and accountability).


The ASAM Office is ready to assist the passionate group leader as required. While the ASAM Office cannot be a technical expert in every topic, the ASAM Office can help with the following tasks:

  • organization and development of concepts to be communicated worldwide
  • structured communication with and periodic reporting to the Technical Steering Committee
  • provide tools (WebEx, SVN, and other collaboration tools) for the development of the standard,
  • assist with expenses related to the development of standards, and
  • finding outside support resources when required



All participants invovled in the ASAM Standardization Process (during and after the Proposal Workshop) should have good technical knowledge. All participants are expected to participate and actively contribute to the discussion. Having participants who only listen, hamper the speed of development, and cause frustration within the group.

Make Ideation work for you

The idea of the Ideation Phase is to:

  1. Identify, prepare, align, and document interesting topics
  2. Develop and actively engage a group of individuals who have a strong motivation for the topic
  3. (If necessary) Provide guidance on initial steps within the ASAM Process


Therefore, how do you make Ideation work for you?

  1. Send an email with your idea or feedback
  2. The ASAM Office will contact you to clarify the details
  3. The ASAM Office will post the idea to the New Idea Hub
  4. Monitor the responses on the New Idea Hub and promote your idea to colleagues
  5. When significant interest is raised (subject to discretion), ASAM will host an Ideation or Proposal Workshop

Ideation FAQ

The ASAM Office provides this Frequently Asked Questions to address initial concerns. 

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please e-mail the question to


Using the New Idea hub

To participate in the New Idea Hub, you must be logged into the website



Only employees from ASAM Member organizations can register for the website. If your organization is an ASAM Member and you do not have a Login, you may register here:   Get Login


If you are not employed by an ASAM Member organization, please consider enrolling your organization in ASAM.   Join ASAM


Else, you can be sponsored by a person who is an ASAM Member to view the contents in the New Idea Hub. This can be arranged directly with the ASAM Office by emailing ideation(at) with your request.

The information contained is for the future development of standards. While confidential intellectual property should not be exchanged in this Hub, all submissions and comments should be traceable to a contributor. Therefore, the login guarantees the responsibility of the comment to the member.

To create a new idea description, please submit your idea to ideation(at) The ASAM Office will contact you to clarify details and to post the content to the website.

The ASAM Office bears the responsibility to moderate the content – to make sure it is understandable in every global region, to make sure that obvious confidential intellectual property is not transferred, and to ensure that topics trend gather the interest of the experts.

At the bottom of the post there is a form to comment. Since you are already logged into the website, there is no need to ask name, company, etc. Therefore, by simply typing your comment and pushing submit, you can provide feedback to the author.

The comment feature is simplistic. Therefore, to comment on a comment, please mention the name of the person to whom you are addressing your comments.

The ASAM Office monitors who is making comments and participating by directly observing the website (as all members are able). The ASAM Office also watches the number of hits and from which region.

Traditionally, the ASAM Community has focused on the data exchange between vehicle electronics and development tools. Therefore, the ASAM Community has their strength in measurement and calibration of the ECUs, diagnostics, software development, test automation, data management and data analysis. The ASAM community looks to build from this area of strength to expand into new technologies for the benefit of the automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and the automotive tool vendors.

By pressing the button, “I want to participate in a future workshop”, either at the top of the Idea page or at the bottom will register your interest with the ASAM Office. When enough people indicate interest (subject to discretion), either an Ideation Group Meeting or a Proposal Workshop will be called, and you will be notified.

Either by returning to the page of the idea (your preference will still be registered) or by looking at your “My ASAM” webpage. On the “My ASAM” page, all of the groups for which you have registered will be indicated.

Simply by clicking the button again, your preference will be undone.

Start a New Ideation Group or Proposal Workshop

Ideation was initiated for the following main reasons:

  • to help refine and align ideas between many stakeholders
  • to increase market relevance by increasing industry participation
  • to assist new stakeholders in the ASAM process
  • to develop a project champion or project owner


Proposal Workshops are typically one-day events where technical experts come together to discuss and finalize what to standardize and who will participate. The Proposal Workshop is the first official step in the ASAM process once the process, the topic, and the participants are well known to many of the participants.

Successful ASAM standards are built by collaboration between OEMs, Tiered Suppliers, Tool Suppliers, Telematic Service Providers, IT Professionals, and Academic Researchers. Networking and sharing your ideas are obviously the best means to communicate your idea.


The ASAM Office is ready to help with this message. By posting your idea to the New Idea Hub, the ASAM Office can draw attention to your idea and attempt to drive interested parties to participate. The ASAM Office will work together with you in networking activities.


If you are not employed by an ASAM Member organization, please consider enrolling your organization in ASAM.   Join ASAM


Else, you can be sponsored by a person who is an ASAM Member to view the contents in the New Idea Hub. This can be arranged directly with the ASAM Office by emailing ideation(at) with your request.

The Ideation Process has no fixed structure. Depending on the need, the ASAM Office can help refine the topic, can help prepare documentation, can help understand what is needed in the ASAM Process, and can help find people interested in the topic.


The first step is with the New Idea Hub. Working with the ASAM Office, the idea can be documented, and the ASAM Membership can provide feedback and determine their willingness to participate.

The key elements for a successful Proposal Workshop are

  • a concept where standardization benefits a large part of the automotive industry in the area of development and validation of vehicles
  • engaged, technical participants – experts in their domain area who agree on the scope, purpose, and intent of the work and are passionate to drive the concept to a market-relevant standard
  • a knowledgeable Project Leader – not only in the technical subject matter, but also in the ASAM Process. This person does not push his agenda, but can challenge established ideas.
  • New Idea Hub
  • Support from the ASAM Office
  • ASAM WebEx
  • SVN Document Exchange

The benefits of starting a standardization effort is that you can begin the effort to define and scope the interfaces. Obviously, there is a goal in mind – whether cost or time reduction – or to promote the best services from your suppliers and tool vendors.

Contact and the ASAM Office will direct you to the correct person.

The only role that you should take a proposer of a new concept is to actively participate. However, all ASAM Members can become a Group Leader or the Group Scribe (or notetaker).

  1. As a participant in an Ideation Area….
  2. As a leader in an Ideation group….
  3. As a participant in the Proposal Workshop….
  4. As a leader of a Proposal Workshop….
  5. As a participant in the development effort of the Proposal Workshop…
  6. As the leader in the Proposal Workshop

There is no compensation from ASAM – however, you will continue to reinforce your technical knowledge with input from your colleagues from other organizations.

Participation in Ideation Groups

Participation in existing Ideation Groups, prior to the Proposal Workshop is not restricted… by notifying the ASAM Workshop, we can put you into touch with the right people

Registering in the New Idea Hub & contacting the ASAM Office

Being passionate about a technical topic and being an expert in this topic

Typically a group only has three roles:

  • Leader – responsible for….
  • Scribe / Notetaker – responsible for…
  • Participants….

To participate in the ideation phase, no…. after the proposal workshop, then yes…

Other Question

Please submit any questions not answered here to ideation(at) The ASAM Office will answer you directly and, when appropriate, update the answers in this FAQ.