New technologies may require new standards: If you have a need for a standard, others may have too.
Take the opportunity and discuss your ideas with experts from the ASAM membership.

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Today is an exciting time to be involved in the Automotive Industry and in ASAM! A number of megatrends are rapidly maturing that, when realized, will bring enormous shifts to how we consider and use vehicles today. Strong influences from the electronic and IT worlds continue to rapidly change how the once mechanical-only vehicle is developed, manufactured, and driven. Simulation, hardware in the loop, telematics and big data are all maturing technologies and are shortening development cycles. Deep learning, artificial intelligence and growing cybersecurity concerns have spawned new groups to action.


Requirement discussions can help to bring these technologies to maturity. Standardization can reduce the implementation costs. Join the discussion and let us know where a standard could contribute to solve your challenge right now. 

New Idea Hub

ASAM has developed the New Idea Hub for the global exchange of ideas and concepts between ASAM's technical experts. Submit your idea, explore ideas from others, and choose if you should drive these topics to standardization!


New Idea Hub

Ideation Groups

Concepts and ideas with member interest progress into the Ideation Phase. The groups in this phase refine the topics and prepare the topics for a Proposal Workshop. Is there a topic of interest to you? ASAM members and non-members can join.


Ideation Groups

Process & FAQs

Put the New Idea Hub and the Ideation Phase to work for you. Find tips on how to start new projects in ASAM.


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