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Welcome to our Published Material section. ASAM has made available many resources for you to educate yourself on information about ASAM. A description of items has been provided as well as a link.

Case Studies

In our Case Studies section, you will find Use cases for all ASAM standards submitted by OEM, Tier One supplier and Tool supplier members. These are great references of how ASAM has impacted the real world.

Lectures & Presentations  and  Workshops & Meetings

In our Lectures & Presentations section you will find presentations on ASAM from conferences and other educational events.

In our Workshop section you will find presentations of recent ASAM-Workshops.

ASAM-Related Publications

In our ASAM-Related Publications section you will find articles, books and other publications on ASAM or referring to ASAM standards. Some of these articles were written by ASAM members. ASAM clearly dissociates from any product suggestion that might be mentioned in the publications. We would like to state that each standard is integrated in a variety of products by various member companies. To learn more about products supporting ASAM standards: click here

Generals Assembly  Technical Seminar


Generals Assembly Technical Seminar

The proceedings are available under the link below.
ASAM Solutions Guide 2015


ASAM Solutions Guide 2015

A comprehensive guide to ASAM standards, solutions, members and ASAM compliant products.
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