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What’s in it for me? End Users (OEM & Tier One Suppliers)

As an Automotive OEM or a Tier One supplier involved with ASAM standards, there are numerous benefits, some of which are:

  • Saving and sharing risk and development costs. By utilizing ASAM standards, users can worry less about the development or maintenance of in-house solutions and focus more on value added engineering projects.
  • The standards give your organization the freedom of choice between suppliers. If many suppliers are providing ASAM standards in their products, this gives you the plug-and-play option of choice.
  • ASAM brings together top Automotive OEMs, Tier One suppliers and tool suppliers together on to one platform. Where else can you meet with all of these groups and discuss a common business plan and gain a know how in a common information technology?
  • With the implementation of ASAM standards, there are a reduced number of interfaces that Tier One and tool suppliers need to support. This reduced number of interfaces is a benefit for all involved parties. This avoids resource allocation for supporting various private links among the partners (n to m relationships are replaced by 1 to 1 relationships).
  • If you aren’t there, your competition is already there. And while they are there, they are certainly representing their interests on how the standards are developed.
Generals Assembly  Technical Seminar


Generals Assembly Technical Seminar

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ASAM Solutions Guide 2015


ASAM Solutions Guide 2015

A comprehensive guide to ASAM standards, solutions, members and ASAM compliant products.
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