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When do people come together to develop and maintain ASAM standards?

  • ASAM members join frequently on various occasions besides the regular workgroup meetings: Membership meeting once a year
  • User meetings for each standard once a year
  • Tech days in different OEM locations once or twice a year
  • ASAM publications such as the Newsletter (12 times a year or more), or through the Solution Guides
  • Other events that ASAM participates (congresses, exhibitions, ...)
  • Continuous interaction through the appropriate ASAM forums

The use of ASAM standards is a benefit for all those who are:

  • Creating application software
  • Implementing driver software for measuring devices
  • Integrating applications and peripheral devices
  • Using and operating complex systems

ASAM standards are especially developed for the following fields of application:

  • Development of in-vehicle control units
  • Data exchange between development partners
  • Data acquisition
  • Data management
  • Test rig automation
  • Measurement data evaluation
  • Simulation
ASAM International Conference


ASAM International Conference

AUTONOMOUS DRIVING - Big Testing and Big Data as the Next Challenge (06.-07. Dec. 2017, Dresden, Germany)
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ASAM Solutions Guide 2017


ASAM Solutions Guide 2017

A comprehensive guide to ASAM standards, solutions, members and ASAM compliant products.
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Find out how companies are using ASAM standards.
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