ASAM Virtual General Assembly 2021

Date: March 24, 2021

Location: Online Meeting

Election of the ASAM Board of Directors (Term 2021 - 2023)



This year, the ASAM Membership will elect a new Board of Directors (Term 2021 - 2023). All ASAM members are invited to run for this office.

The Board of Directors will be elected by the ASAM Main Contact of each member company. Please read the FAQ to learn more about the process.  


To learn more about committee work at ASAM, click here



The following candidates are running for the Board of Directors:



Gorance Eftimovski

Cummins Inc.




René Grosspietsch




Prof. Dr.

Frank Köster










Ralf Nörenberg

HighQSoft GmbH



Prof. Dr.

Marcus Rieker

HORIBA Europe GmbH




Armin Rupalla

RA Consulting GmbH




Elmar Schmitz



Election Rules:

  • The Board has 5 seats.
  • Each voter has a maximum of 5 votes to elect a candiadate. If you cast more than 5 votes, your ballot will be invalid.
  • Only the Main Contact or a person appointed by the main contact can cast the vote for the member company.
    You find the Main Contact of your company on your MyASAM page (after login to the ASAM website).
    To appoint another person, fill in this form: power of authority to vote




Important Forms


1. Apply as candidate for the ASAM Board
    Candidature for ASAM Board

2.  Appoint another person as voter
    Power of Authority to Vote


Please submit forms by Feb 24, 2021

Board Election - FAQ

Each member company has determined one main representative for ASAM concerns. This "ASAM main contact" is the person who is responsible for casting the vote for the member company. You will be able to find this person on your MyASAM page after logging in to the ASAM website.


All ASAM Main Contacts will receive an email with the voting procedure. If you are the main contact but have not received this email, please contact katharina.loehberg(at)


You find the main contact on the ASAM website ("MyASAM") after login.


In accordance with the ASAM Statutes from April 28, 2016, the Board Elections will be held online:


The polling will start on
March 23, 2021 at 10:30 am CET (UTC +1)

and close on
March 24, 2021 at 10:30 am CET (UTC +1).


24 hours before the polling starts, our partner "Polyas" will send an email with voting instructions and credentials to the member "Main Contacts". The "Main Contact" is the representative of the member company and elegible to cast the vote in the name of the member company. 


All ASAM Main Contacts will receive an email with the voting procedure. If you are the main contact but have not received this email, please contact katharina.loehberg(at)


To run for the ASAM Board of Directors, you must:

Please note: All members are invited to apply. You do not have to be main contact of your company to run for office! 


To run for office, please fill out the Application Form and send it to klaus.estenfeld(at)  by Feb 24, 2021.


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