New technologies may require new standards: If you have a need for a standard, others may have too.
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The convergence of the automotive markets with new trends in digitation, autonomous driving, alternative propulsion, and vehicle as a service as enabled by new IT business models provides many new technical concepts that can be standardized in ASAM. 


ASAM has launched this ideation platform to address topics and challenges that may benefit from standardization, and to get a feeling for their market relevance. We invite you to send us your ideas, share your expertise, and address your requirements.


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Send us your ideas, share your expertise,

and address your requirements.



Reference Telematics Architecture for the Development of Highly Automated and Autonomous Vehicles

Project Type
Ideation Project
Proposal Sumbitter
RA Consulting GmbH
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Autonomous driving requires the highest degree of reliability. For the life cycle of a car with highly automated or even autonomous driver assistance functions new methods and technologies for validation must be developed, which will enable efficient and cost-effective development of Autonomous Driving functions or Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). Especially in the field of validation, telematics solutions offer considerable benefits for efficient and standard-based development processes. Based on the results of the analysis of current standardization tasks of the areas relevant for ASAM e.V., the submitter will introduce an integrated telematics reference architecture. It will be capable of closing some of the gaps that have been identified in the standardization for Automotive Electronics Engineering.


Scenario Storage and Labelling

Project Type
Ideation Project
Idea Submitter
The idea is to standardize a basic subset of stored scenario metadata (e.g. weather conditions, maneuver types, actors, etc.), with the goal of facilitating the sharing of data within the community. This has the potential to exponentially increase the availability and accessibility of training and validation data for autonomous testing. Data quantity being pretty much the crux of scenario based development or testing.

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