Call for Offers

ASAM is looking for a service provider

Call for Offers

P2020-06 ASAM OpenSCENARIO 2.0

Please submit your offer by Aug 21, 2020  |  12:00 pm CET


1. Introduction

ASAM calls for offers from service providers to support the ASAM project group for the development of the OpenSCENARIO 2.0 standard. The support tasks for this project are subdivided into two items:

  1. Documentation (Language Reference Manual, accompanying guidelines, etc.)

  2. Implementation (Domain model)

Submitted offers may address either both or one of these topics. Combined offers addressing this project as well as the parallel OpenSCENARIO 1.x project (the call to offers is published in parallel to this), or some combination of the subtasks, will also be accepted. The close interrelation between these two projects could have synergies for the support tasks as well as being advantageous for ensuring closer collaboration between the two projects.


2. Schedule

All offers for this are to be submitted to benjamin.engel(at) by 21st August, 2020 at 12:00 CET.


The project content will be presented in detail. This will include a Q&A session directly after to answer any questions you may have. Contact Ben Engel to obtain an invitation to this meeting.


Deadline for submission of offers.


Individual offer presentations to the project group. Each service provider will have a 30 minute slot to present their offer and expertise to the project group.


Final decision on service provider by the project group. This will allow the service provider to participate in the next project meetings planned for September.


3. Project Overview

The project proposal contains a detailed breakdown of the project.


The estimates for effort in man-days found therein are based on expert opinions and are intended to give an idea of the project group’s expectations. Additionally the proposal lists the maximum available budget for each of the sub-topics.


4. Service Provider Tasks

4.1. Documentation (technical)

The service provider will be expected to collate and where necessary rewrite all documentation relevant to the project deliverables. The expectation is that the content will be delivered by the project members, with the technical write-up being delivered by the service provider to ensure clarity of documentation and a homogeneous style throughout the documents. All documentation will be delivered in the AsciiDoc markdown format (unless otherwise agreed) and maintained on the ASAM code repositories. When possible, formatting & layout will be automated through the use of ASAM templates, see e.g. the project proposal repository for an example. The documentation is subdivided into four deliverables (this is in alteration to the original proposal):

  1. Language reference manual
    Complete language documentation

  2. Scenario creation guidelines
    Usage guide on the creation of scenarios for different workflows using OpenSCENARIO 2.0

  3. Feature Subset definition
    Documented proof of concept for separating OpenSCENARIO 2.0 into modular components

  4. Migration path OSC 1.x <→ 2.0
    Documentation detailing the migration path between the two standard versions

The documents will be reviewed by project group members via the ASAM code workflow. The service provider will incorporate feedback and changes into the documents as requested by the project group. This might be an iterative process. If possible, the service provider shall point out issues and open topics to the project group so the iterative review process can begin at an early stage.


4.2. Implementation

Content for the domain model - entities, definitions, annotations will be delivered by the project group. The implementation and formalization of this content will be the responsibility of the service provider. Participation in the work group meetings and consultation from a modeling perspective are also expected.


Domain model implementation

To obtain an idea of the implementation of a domain model the OpenSCENARIO concept project designed a basic (concept). The representation of the domain model (format, methodology) is still open to a final decision by the project group. The service provider will be expected to accompany the group in this decision making process and support with their expertise. The service provider will then be expected to implement the domain model according to the discussions and input provided by the project group. Deliverables:


Domain model specification

Documentation detailing the core domain model as used by OpenSCENARIO 2.0.


Domain model extension guidelines

Documentation on extending the depth (more detail) & breadth (larger domain) of the domain model


4.3. Meeting Attendance

This is included in the estimates for the effort above but mentioned here for clarity.


4.3.1. Project Level Meetings

To ensure good communication between the service provider and the project group participation in some of the full project meetings will be required. These are normally face to face and require travel to the hosted location. The project lead, ASAM office and service provider will jointly determine the need for attendance of the service provider, in some cases remote participation may be sufficient.


NOTE: Due to current restrictions from COVID-19, ASAM will not be holding any face to face meetings until further notic


4.3.2. Workgroup Meetings

The service provider will need to be present in all the relevant working group meetings. These meetings will be identified with the project lead, ASAM Office and work group leads. These take place remotely.


5. Qualifications

It is expected that the service provider has:

  • High proficiency in technical English

  • Experience working with git-based & issue-driven workflows

In order to be able to carry out subtask 1, the service provider shall have:

  • Expertise in technical documentation & language documentation, particularly domain specific languages (DSLs)

In order to be able to carry out subtask 2, the service provider shall have expertise in :

  • Modeling languages and formal representations of models

  • Formal documentation for model descriptions


6. General Conditions

Please note the following general conditions for the project.

The project is expected to end on Jul 30, 2021. It is expected that the service provider is selected by the beginning of September and joins the project for the next project meeting, taking place in September (exact date still to be determined).

  • The service provider must attend all necessary project group meetings.

  • Offers should preferably be fixed-price

  • In case a deliverable is found to be defective or not in line with customary industry quality standards, the service provider will be liable for correcting the respective deliverable.

  • Modification to deliverables, should they be required, will be jointly reviewed and the order adjusted accordingly

  • All work results of the project (including all source code) will be handed over to ASAM and will become the exclusive property of ASAM. If the general terms & conditions of the service provider contain rules that are in conflict herewith, then they must be identified and explicitly declared as invalid for this offer.

  • Offers have to be submitted in writing to ASAM within the above stated bidding period, including a clear description of the provided services and deliverables, terms & conditions, time period and costs for the service.

  • Please note that offers will be reviewed by the members of the project group, the Technical Steering Committee of ASAM and the ASAM Office. The project group members will receive all information on all offers to ensure a fair and transparent selection process.

  • Specific information on each service provider’s offers will not be shared with anyone other than the project group, ASAM TSC, ASAM BoD and ASAM office.

    • In some cases, where offers pertain to more than one project, the offers will also be made available to the other relevant project groups.

    • ASAM reserves the right to share these offers with further parties when deemed relevant.



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