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Service Provider for P2019-05 ASAM OpenCRG Transfer and Development Project

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Call for Offers:

P2019-05 ASAM OpenCRG Transfer & Development Project


ASAM calls for offers to support an ASAM project group for the transfer and concept development of the OpenCRG standard. The current standard shall be transferred into the ASAM layout. During this process the new features shall be implemented and documented. This project has two major parts.

  1. Documentation (Userguide and Standard)
  2. Implementation (Matlab API and C-API)

Ideally, offers cover both parts. However, offers for either part 1 "Documentation" or part 2 "Implementation" are welcome as well. 


Interested parties may contact nicco.dillmann(at) for additional documents regarding the planned tasks, preferably by Feb 20, 2020. An online or F2F Meeting to answer open question is scheduled for Feb 27, 2020. Offers shall be submitted no later than Mar 09, 2020.



In the ASAM Project P2019-05 ASAM OpenCRG Transfer and Development the project members transfer the existing OpenCRG standard into the ASAM Simulation domain. During this process new features and improvements will be made to the OpenCRG standard.

New Features:

  • Georeferencing
  • Multiple Data layers
  • Display OpenCRG Reference line on maps from common map providers (e.g. OSM)


  • Align reference line specification with OpenDRIVE 1.6
  • Allow wide roads with high curvature



  1. Documentation:
    Task of the service provider is to write the standard document and the user manual, both using the ASAM Layout. The new documents shall additionally contain the newly developed features and improvements to OpenCRG.
  2. Implementation:
    Task of the service provider is to implement the new features and improvements defined by the ASAM OpenCRG working group, to fix bugs found in the existing implementation and to update the inline code documentation. All implementations shall be uploaded to the ASAM repositories at



  1. Attending group meetings
    In order to write a good standard document and to implement the new features in the API’s, the service provider will need to take part in the project working group discussions, writing down important points and summarizing the decisions. 

    Therefore it is required that the service provider is present in all relevant working group meetings. The relevant meetings will be identified by the project lead and the ASAM Office. The service provider will assist the project leader in moderating the meetings and bring in his technical expertise. 
  2. Requested tasks
    1. Part one: Writing of the Standard Document and the User Manual 
      The main task for part one, is to write the user manual and the standard document. The servicer provider will write the documents based on the information gathered during the discussion sessions, and include the results reached by the project group. The documans shall be delivered in the ASAM layout (based on ASAM standard template).
      • Writing of the standard document:
        The standard document shall include a good description of the data format and underlying concepts.
      • Writing of the user manual:
        The user manual shall include a good description of the existing and new features of the APIs. If necessary, examples shall be included in the user manual. Examples for the user manual will be provided by the working group or will be created in cooperation with the group. 
      • Review of the standard document and user manual:
        The documents will be reviewed by the project group members. The service provider incorporates changes into the documents as requested by the project group. This might be an iterative process. If possible, the service provider shall point out issues and open topics to the project group so the iterative review process can begin at an early stage.
    2. Part two: Implement new features and fix bugs in APIs 
      The main task of part two is to implement the new features defined by the working group. The service provider shall implement the new features in the Matlab API and/or the C-API according to the specification of the working group. New features shall include an inline documentation. In case that methods are fixed or changed, the inline documentation is to be added or adapted. Bugs identified during the development process or known before the start of the project shall be listed and fixed during the implementation. The service provider shall use the ASAM repositories (



The deliverables of the project are the following:

  1. User Manual in the ASAM Layout including the new features
  2. Standard Document in the ASAM Layout including the new features
  3. Matlab API committed to the ASAM GitLab with the new implemented features
  4. C-API committed to the ASAM GitLab with the new implemented features
  5. Generated code documentation
  6. Generated tests (including used test data) and test reports committed to the ASAM Gitlab



In order to be able to carry out the tasks, the service provider shall meet the following conditions:

  • Engineering or software engineering background.
  • Expertise in C and Matlab
  • Familiarity with OpenCRG 1.1.2.
  • High proficiency in technical English. 
  • Ability to attend project group meetings in Germany, Netherlands

General Conditions

Please note the following general conditions for the project.

The project period is from 2019/03/01 to 2020/09/31.

  • The service provider must attend all relevant project group meetings.
  • Offers have to be preferably fixed-price. 
  • In case of variable-price offers, please indicate upper limits for the costs.
  • In case a deliverable is found to be defective or not up to customary industry quality standards, the service provider will correct the deliverable without charging ASAM for the extra work.  
  • All work results of the project (including the sources to create them) will be handed over to ASAM and will become the exclusive property of ASAM. If the general terms & conditions of the service provider contain rules that are in conflict herewith, they must be identified and explicitly declared as invalid for this offer.
  • Offers have to be submitted in writing to ASAM within the above stated bidding period, including a clear description of the provided services and deliverables, terms & conditions, time period and costs for the service.


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