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Call for Offers:

P2019-04 ASAM OpenDRIVE Concept Project

ASAM calls for offers to support an ASAM project group for the concept development of eight main features in the OpenDRIVE standard. thomas.thomsen(at)

Offers shall be submitted no later than April 30, 2019.



The purpose of the concept project is to address the features that will be included in OpenDRIVE V2.0 or later. The features and requirements were extracted from the presentations and discussions that arose during both the Kickoff workshop and the proposal workshop held by ASAM.

There’s a total of 8 features that will be discussed for inclusion in the OpenDRIVE Concept Project. These features were discussed and prioritized during the proposal workshop. Additionally, during that workshop the idea to split the concept project in two parts was explored:

  • First, there will be a concept exploration for each one of the features.
    During the concept exploration, the project members will discuss the meaning and fit of these features in the OpenDRIVE standard.
  • After that, the concept project will start, when applicable
    During the concept project, the basis for an implementation of the feature in the future standard will be set.

Additionally, it was also agreed that for each one of these features, a concept project may be spawned at any moment (e.g. one does not need to wait until all the concept explorations have been finished to start working on a concept proposal).

Therefore, there will be a minimum of one deliverable for each feature:

  • a concept paper, or
  • a concept proposal



The tasks of the service provider are oriented towards the writing of the concept papers. The concepts for each feature may include a textual description, partial data model descriptions including UML diagrams and XSD examples. The concept could be described up to a level of detail which would be suitable for being directly taken over into the standard. Description method and detail level will be determined by the project group members for each feature. 

1.    Attending group meetings and summarize the discussions
In order to write a good concept paper, the service provider will need to take part of the concept project working group discussions, writing down important points and summarizing the decisions.

  • Attending the group meetings
    The service provider will need to be present in all the working group meetings. He assist the project leader in moderating the meetings with his technical expertise. He ensures that all technical questions are answered, so that he is able to write the concept.
  • Summarizing discussions and writing them down
    The service provider will need to be an (active) listener in the working group discussions so as to be able to write down all the important information that will be needed to write the concept paper.


2.    Writing of the concept paper(s)
Finally, the main task of the service provider is to write the concept paper(s). With the information gathered during the discussion sessions, and including the conclusions reached by the project group, the service provider will deliver a concept paper per feature.

  • Writing of the concept paper
    This is the main deliverable of the service provider. The concept descriptions shall reflect the discussions and conclusion of the project group members. The descriptions shall be written on a level of detail which allows the subsequent standard development project group members to derive the necessary specifications for the standard. The descriptions shall be written in a clear language which is understandable for an expert of the technical domain. Illustrations (e.g. UML diagrams) shall support the descriptions, where this would support the clarity and understandability of the descriptions. 
  • Review of the concept paper
    The concept paper will be reviewed by the project group members. The service provider incorporates changes into the paper as requested by the project group. This might be an iterative process.



The deliverables of this project have already been presented in the project description. However, since it is requirement that the project proposals are written by ASAM members, the only deliverables of the service provider are the eventual concept paper(s). Since every feature will start with a concept exploration phase, it may be the case that some of the features do not make it into concept projects. In that case a concept paper may not be required.

  • Concept paper
    There will be a concept paper per (started) concept project. There may be simultaneous concept projects running at the same time.



In order to be able to carry out the tasks, the service provider shall meet the following conditions:

  • Expertise in Mathematical description of geometries.
  • Expertise in C, C++, Java or Python.
  • Expertise in XML and UML.
  • Familiarity with OpenDRIVE 1.5.
  • High proficiency in English on CEFR level C2. 
  • Ability to attend project group meetings in Germany, Netherlands, UK.


General Conditions

Please note the following general conditions for the project.

  • The project period is from 19/03/2019 to 31/08/2020.
  • The service provider must attend all project group meetings.
  • Offers have to be preferably fixed-price. 
  • In case of variable-price offers, please indicate upper limits for the costs.
  • In case a deliverable is found to be defective or not up to customary industry quality standards, the service provider will correct the deliverable without charging ASAM for the extra work. Not completed work is exempted from the service provider's warranty, i.e. if a deliverable is found to be incomplete, then its completion will be paid by ASAM. 
  • All work results of the project (including the sources to create them) will be handed over to ASAM and will become the exclusive property of ASAM. If the general terms & conditions of the service provider contain rules that are in conflict herewith, then they must be identified and explicitly declared as invalid for this offer.
  • Offers have to be submitted in writing to ASAM within the above stated bidding period, including a clear description of the provided services and deliverables, terms & conditions, time period and costs for the service.
  • Please note that offers will be reviewed by the members of the project group, the Technical Steering Committee of ASAM and the ASAM Office. The project group members will not receive pricing information. For this purpose, please put all pricing information on a separate page.


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