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Submit your offer incl. a work sample by May 14, 2021


ASAM is looking for a Service Provider (SP) for technical writing and data modeling tasks to support the projects ASAM OpenDRIVE 1.8.0 and ASAM OpenLABEL V1.0.0. The Service Provider will support the Technical Writer at ASAM to create the documents for the standards.


1. Submission of Offers

  • Offers shall be submitted to offers(at)  no later than May 14th 2021 and contain an offer for a service contract as well as a work sample.
  • Interested parties can send an email to offers(at) for additional questions regarding the offer until May 7th 2021.
  • There will be an online meeting to answer questions regarding the offer on May 10th 2021.
  • Offers have to be submitted in writing to ASAM within the above stated bidding period, including a clear description of the provided services and deliverables, a work sample, terms & conditions, time period and costs for the service.
  • Please note that offers will be reviewed by the ASAM Office. The project group members will not receive pricing information. For this purpose, please put all pricing information on a separate page.



May 07, 2021Latest day to submit questions regarding the offer
May 10, 2021Individual questions and answers sessions
May 14, 2021Latest day to submit an offer (incl. work sample)


2. Supporting Documents for the Offer

The following existing documents can support the creation of your offer:

For a more detailed view on the projects, please also refer to the project proposal for ASAM OpenDRIVE 1.8.0:


3. Tasks of the Service Provider

The tasks to support both ASAM projects include:

    • creating documentation in AsciiDoc format
      • structuring content
      • writing standard documentation and user guides
      • drafting graphics to support the content
      • reviewing and redrafting content
    • automating processes
      • maintaining and developing scripts in Python
      • developing Visual Studio Code extensions (Optional)
      • maintaining and developing CI tests and automation (Optional)
    • designing and adapting UML models
    • validating XSD schemas
    • designing and adapting UML models
    • designing JSON schemas


4. Qualification of the Technical Writer

  • English native speaker (American English), available at least for review tasks

  • Know-how in creating standard documentation and user guides

  • Domain knowledge regarding simulation and automated driving

  • Coding experience (Python, JavaScript, Typescript, C#)

  • Experience in data modeling, for example UML, JSON schema, etc.

  • Knowledge in software development workflows and tools (Git, VS-Code)


5. Contract details

  • The project period is from Jun 01 - Nov 30, 2021.

  • The estimated time for the support are 20 hours per week.

  • An extension to 40 hours per week for peak loads shall optionally be possible before the releases of the standards in Jul 2021 and Nov 2021.

  • During the runtime of the project the resources will be shifted between the two projects as support is needed.

  • The Service Provider must attend all necessary project group meetings.

  • There will be a monthly budget monitoring between ASAM and the Service Provider.

  • In case a deliverable is found to be defective or not up to customary industry quality standards, the Service Provider will correct the deliverable without charging ASAM for the extra work.

  • All work results of the project (including the sources to create them) will be handed over to ASAM and will become the exclusive property of ASAM. If the general terms & conditions of the Service Provider contain rules that are in conflict herewith, then they must be identified and explicitly declared as invalid for this offer.


6. Workflow

The tasks for the Service Provider will be assigned to a separate Gitlab board, where ASAM and the Service Provider can track progress.

  • The issues will be defined by ASAM in cooperation with the Service Provider.

  • Each issue will be given a complexity level based on story points.

  • The issues in the Service Provider’s Gitlab board will than link to the actual task issues in the corresponding standard repository.


Example of the Service Provider’s Gitlab board

Service Provider’s Gitlab boardDescription for the Service ProviderOpenLABEL BoardOpenDRIVE Board
Issue No 1work on task OpenLABEL #21link to issue #21 
Issue No 2work on task OpenDRIVE #12 link to issue #12


7. Deliverables

  • The results of the standard specific issues will be delivered as specified in the issues, for example as AsciiDoc file, image files, etc.

  • All results must be linked into the issues of the Service Provider’s Gitlab board for documentation.

Project Details

Read more about the scope and details
of the projects


OpenLABEL V1.0    OpenDRIVE V1.8




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